8 February 2007

New Year's Resolution

It's been years like this, that I don't think a new year has started until the CNY has officially passed. This means it's still not too late to write down my resolutions for the coming new year.

So for 2007, I would like to

  • learn to relax, no matter how stressful the study becomes
  • look after my fragile spine and build up leg muscles by doing cardio every day for at least 30 min
  • be friendly and kind to everyone; always keep a smile on the face
  • be a good friend who writes emails constantly and remembers their birthdays
  • be the favorite girl of my boyfriend

And of course, most importantly, I would like to improve my baking skills, so that I can

  • relax by baking
  • reward myself for doing exercise by baking
  • be less cracky to others because I've baked what I want to
  • bake birthday cakes for my friends
  • bake all kinds of yummy goodies for my boyfriend

Basically, baking is the key to everything. So there you go. This little blog is gonna be the witness of all my adventures in the world of baking, in this coming, exciting new year.



Unknown said...

All the best for the new year champ.

Karen said...

Thanks for the support babe.