11 February 2007

The reson to get up early on Sundays

It's been a ritual for us not long after we started dating. Every Sunday morning at 8, we'll meet up and walk 20 minutes to this local bakery to have three pieces of toast and spread of your choice. The boyfriend usually has strawberry jam or honey, and I always have something different from last time. My recent favourite is a thick layer of vegemite.

The toast is seriously addictive. Freshly homemade giant bread sliced into pieces is evenly toasted and coated with a thin layer of melted butter. It smells absolutely fantastic. Have a plateful of these and a big glass of cold milk in summer (for a milk addict like me) is one of the best treats I could ever imagine.

A sidenote: among the large collection of pies and tarts that they also sell, the apple pie is the most popular of all. The pastry, the sugar coated apple dices inside, together with the whipped cream on top, have made this little pie disappear from the shelf every single day before everything else in the bakery.

Havn't had it for 3 weeks, I've already had my mind gone wild with all the memories there. Cannot wait to taste the yummy toast n vegemite again on a sunny Sunday morning.

Bunda St
Canberra City 2601.
(02) 6257 5966


Anonymous said...

Probably the nicest toast in Oz

Karen said...

You're so biased. :)
Should try out all the toast in Oz first.